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Facebook is by far the largest social media platform on the internet, with more than 1.50 billion active accounts worldwide. According to official Facebook statistics, the number of individuals that can be reached over Facebook is almost a third of the world’s adult population. Can you imagine the boost your business can get if you can tap into even a fraction of that amount?

At Paridhi Infotech, we strive to harness the wide and extensive market that the platform presents with social marketing specially done over Facebook to help our customers achieve great heights of success. We are a leading name in the world of digital marketing whom you can trust with your social media campaign requirements.

How is Facebook useful in brand awareness and lead generation?

Paridhi Infotech helps you in formulating and executing the right Facebook and social media marketing strategy for your business. But how can Facebook help you with it? Let’s find out.

  • Promotional contents: If you post the promotional content on Facebook related to your brand or products, it might get some easy popularity within a short period.
  • Interactions: When you post a promotional content of your brand on Facebook, it automatically gains a few comments, feedback, or quarries from the customers. It would help if you were interactive enough to reply to each of those comments and share your views at ease.
  • Call to action: The open call to action messages in the promotional blogs and contents on brand awareness helps in increasing the SEO leads at ease.
  • Monitor Facebook activities: Facebook provides full information on the success rate of newly introduced digital marketing strategies without applying too much effort.

Types of Advertisements on Facebook

Facebook offers a huge market which is divided into numerous demographic segments. The options of advertisements are many as well. As the platform has grown over the years, Facebook has given advertisers new and updated choices to reach new audience groups and retain previously targeted markets.

  • Post Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Video Content
  • Event Responses
  • Post Likes, Comments and Shares
  • Website Traffic
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Forum Discussions
  • Sponsored Advertisements with Images, Slideshows, and Carousels

There are endless options when it comes to Facebook marketing.

At Paridhi Infotech, we help you pinpoint the strategy that suits your business the best and create a Facebook Marketing campaign for you from the scratch.

How Our Agency can provide the best service?

Paridhi Infotech has been one of the best digital marketing agencies in the 21st century. If you are confused about the work accomplished by the company in the domain of Facebook management, here are services we provide to complete your digital marketing business:

  • Audience Targeted Ads: Paridhi Infotech has been serving its customers in the best way by targeting a select group of audience through ads on Facebook. Our audience-targeted ads are optimized in an appropriate way to satisfy the curiosity of these customers.
  • Ad designs on Facebook: We are experts in using the most appropriate Facebook ad format available with the most suitable row of pictures, slides, short videos, etc. The ad formats on Facebook are such that it easily conveys your brand message or story to the targeted audience at ease.
  • Landing Page A/B Testing: Our experts guide you in the most efficient landing page designs where you can insert A/B testing to know your customers' opinions. Determining the results of the A/B testing campaigns, you can easily decide what the customer wants from you. These formats even help you draw leads quickly.
  • Optimization of Facebook Ads and Analytics: Paridhi Infotech arranges analytics on Facebook ads and optimization, helping determine the success rates of the campaigns at ease. These analytical optimizations of Facebook ads make you learn which campaign successfully wins more hearts of the targeted audience and which does not.
  • Facebook Ad Copywriting: Our experts can help you manage your business accounts by decorating it with useful, fresh content with keywords and phrases for the promotion and lead generation.

Get the best outcome from your website with us. Try contacting us today for brand new ideas and strategies on Facebook digital marketing!

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