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One of the sure-fire methods to lure the attention of the masses to your website is to publish press releases, which work that flawless balance b/w newsworthiness and appeal to the targeted audiences. Online media & news submissions are a great method to avail a fast burst of traffic and business exposure. Just a single press release (PR) can be submitted to more than 25 websites for distribution to numerous media blogs, websites and e-news networks. Any business (irrespective of nature or size) can immensely benefit from this kind of e-marketing.

A PR about any facet of your business can provide both authority and goodwill to your company. Additionally, it can serve as a channel to your business website and even to your office contact number, as embedded links & contact numbers within the PR can help you obtain both heavy traffic in the short run and a smaller yet steady flow of potential customers in the long run.

ParidhiInfotech Provides Premium Press Release Submission Services
Over thousands of PRs are written & submitted on daily basis, but just a handful of them deliver the desired results. In case, you really need PRs that naturally boost target traffic & sales, improve your website rankings in search engines and build links, then, you need to give some thought to your press release creation & submission strategy. ParidhiInfotech, a professional SEO company in India, can help you create killer PR and submit them to only the best avenues relevant to your business, products and services.

  • ParidhiInfotech’s Press Release Submission will get you the media coverage as well as the publicity you need!
  • We optimize PRs with strategically placed keywords relevant to your business in order to avail best placements in the major search engines
  • At ParidhiInfotech, you can expect to avail PR writing that is crisp and easy to read
  • Our team of professional journalists has the potency and expertise to write brilliant press releases that will capture the attention and get you business the exposure you desire and deserve

We ensure that your PRs are submitted to the right channels with our premium PR submission services.
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